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Which type of pool is best for the environment?

eco-friendly-pool Versatility of vinyl liner pool construction

Vinyl liner (package pools) are not just versatile and affordable, they are also a better choice for the environment. They are made from recyclable materials including steel, plastic, wood and vinyl. Because they are shipped as a kit and assembled on-site, they require less energy to transport and construct. The smooth non-porous vinyl surface prevents algae growth so a vinyl pool uses fewer chemicals. The vinyl liner also insulates the pool, reducing energy consumption.

How does this compare to other types of pool construction like fiberglass and concrete (gunite)? Well for starters, neither concrete nor fiberglass can be recycled easily, if at all. In fact, concrete makes up 50% of landfills. Both types of pools require a lot of energy to transport to the construction site. Concrete pools consume a lot of time, resources and energy to build. The rough, porous surface of a concrete pool is a haven for algae so it will require more chemicals to maintain. It also requires more energy to heat and filter.

Another important thing to consider is sustainability. Unlike fiberglass pools, a vinyl liner pool can be changed and modified as your needs change. That makes vinyl pools less wasteful in the long term. You’re not stuck with the same finish or even the same pool design. You can replace the liner to give your pool a brand new look. You can add stairs or benches to accommodate your current lifestyle. It's much easier and less expensive to remodel a vinyl liner pool than any other type of pool construction. With a vinyl liner pool your not stuck with the same design like a fiberglass pool and remodeling it puts less stress on the environment and your budget than a concrete pool remodel would.

Choosing a Tara pool liner for your pool is also a better choice for the environment. Tara vinyl pool liners are manufactured efficiently in our state of the art facility in Owens Cross Roads, AL. Using precise technology and advanced manufacturing techniques we are able to reduce waste and all of our scrap vinyl material is recycled. We also reduce transportation costs and fuel consumption because our products are sold through a network of distributors, so we can consolidate shipments. Most importantly, we use only the finest quality virgin vinyl to give you a maximum lifespan. 

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