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Can I Use a Magic Eraser to Clean My Pool Liner?

No, we do not recommend using the Magic Eraser to clean your vinyl pool liner. While the Magic Eraser can be effective in removing stains from many surfaces, it's quite abrasive. Using it on a vinyl liner can potentially cause damage, leading to early wear and even discoloration over time. This kind of abrasive action can compromise the liner's integrity, reducing its lifespan. For general cleaning, especially at the waterline, we advise using a soft white rag or a microfiber towel. Often, the pool water itself is sufficient for this cleaning. If you find that the pool water isn't doing the trick for tougher stains, there are gentle, vinyl-safe cleaners available that are designed specifically for such purposes. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when applying any cleaning product to your pool liner.

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What is the difference between 20mil and 27mil?

The mil is the thickness of the liner. A 27mil liner is thicker than a 20mil liner. The recommended thickness for in-ground vinyl liner pools is 20mil. This is because it has the proper balance of strength and flexibility. If your pool has a rough bottom or you experience long hard freezes, a thicker liner may be recommended. Find out more about liner thickness on our pool liner manufacturers blog.

What is the lifespan of a pool liner?

In general, a typical pool liner will last 7-10 years. You can extend the life of the liner with proper care and maintenance. For example, covering your pool in the winter will add years to the life of your pool. For more tips on how to get the most life out of your new in-ground vinyl pool liner check out our blog post, "keep your liner looking beautiful." If you're looking for swimming pool liners wholesale, choose Tara Pools & Outdoor Products.

Are the seams of the liner visible?

In order to create a seam that will be strong and last for the life of the liner, we use an RF welding process. This is a unique process that minimizes the appearance of the seam. The most you will see is the edge of the material where the two pieces overlap. We also design your liner so that there are as few seams as possible. Certain patterns will show seams more than others, but unless the water is completely still, you will probably not notice the seams. If you have any questions about our process or the swimming pool liner cost, please email us.

What do your patterns look like in the water?

On our vinyl liner page, we show photos of how each pattern looks in an actual pool. Unfortunately, we can’t show all of the photos we have. If you contact us directly, we can often send you more. We are always looking for new photos, so send us pictures of your new Tara pool liner! Email us with any questions on our liner patterns.

What is SureStep?

SureStep is an optional textured surface vinyl that can be used to add traction to stairs and other entryways. It also has added thickness to help it stand up to the wear and tear of high-traffic areas. If you need high-quality vinyl for your stairs, choose Tara's SureStep. Tara Pool & Outdoor Products is one of the top swimming pool liner manufacturers in the area.


What is a safety cover?

A safety cover is a pool cover made of a solid or mesh fabric that is anchored to your deck, securing it in place. Safety covers are designed to support a person if they walk out onto the cover. It also needs to prevent water from collecting on the surface, which can create a drowning hazard. To be considered a safety cover, a cover must meet ASTM standards, which specify the amount of weight it can support. It must also allow for water removal from the surface. Tara Pool & Outdoor Products is one of the best pool liner manufacturers in the area and we'd be happy to answer any questions.

Do I need a safety cover for my pool?

Nearly every pool owner can benefit from owning a safety cover. It will give you peace of mind that your family, guests, and pets are safe and secure. Safety covers also prevent damage to the pool and extend the life of your liner. You will save money on pool chemicals as well. A safety cover also looks nice and keeps your backyard beautiful all year. If you are interested in a safety cover, choose Tara Pool & Outdoor Products. We are one the most well-known swimming pool liner manufacturers.

What is the difference between a mesh cover and a solid cover?

A mesh safety cover is made of a mesh fabric that allows water to quickly drain from the surface of the cover. It also filters most debris and sunlight. Solid safety covers don’t allow any water or sunlight into the pool, so it stays clean all winter. Additionally, they must have either an automatic pump or a drain panel to remove water. If you’re not sure which cover would work best for you, visit for more information. Rest assured that Tara Pool & Outdoor Products is one of the top pool liner manufacturers.

Can I walk on the safety cover?

The safety cover is designed to support the weight of a person, but you should not walk out on the safety cover unless it's an emergency. Walking out onto the safety cover will cause undo wear and tear. If you are looking for swimming pool safety covers or liners, give us a call today.

If my old safety cover was not made by Tara, can I get a new cover that will match the existing anchors in my pool deck?

Yes, Tara can use your existing cover as a template to make the new cover so that the anchor locations match. Keep in mind some straps may need to be moved for changes to the pool or deck or to ensure it complies with ASTM standards. For more information about our safety covers or our swimming pool liner cost, please give us a call.