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Your New Vinyl Liner


Step 1

  • You consult with your pool Dealer about installing or replacing a new pool liner.
  • You select a pattern and your Dealer measures your pool and fills out the order form for your custom built pool liner.

Step 2

  • Your Dealer then places the order for your custom pool liner with a Pool Distributor.
  • The Pool Distributor sends the order with measurements to Tara.

Step 3

  • Tara receives the measurements and prepares a quote.
  • Tara sends quote to Distributor who then sends it to your Dealer.
  • Once the quote is approved the Distributor sends Tara a Purchase Order.

Step 4

  • Tara’s Inside Sales department supervisors check the order. If there are no problems the order can proceed.
  • If there are problems, Tara works with your Dealer to quickly determine where the problem is and gather any additional measurements. An approval drawing is then sent for verification. Once the approval drawing is signed, the order can proceed.

Step 5

  • Tara’s AutoCad department translates your custom pool liner into a series of pattern shapes that can be cut on a computer controlled cutting table. This is how a roll of flat vinyl is able to form the contoured shapes of your pool.
  • Before the liner is sent to production, it is checked again by the AutoCad supervisors.

Step 6

  • Pattern pieces are cut from vinyl rolls on the computer controlled cutting table with minimal waste.
  • Pieces are labeled and brought to the welding technicians who fabricate your pool liner with our unique SureSeam electrostatic welding process which creates a stronger, less visible seam.
  • At various points during fabrication your liner is checked for accuracy.

Step 7

  • Once your pool liner is assembled, it goes through a final inspection that verifies the size, shape, pattern, features (step location, SureSeam, etc.), seams and quality of the liner.
  • Your custom pool liner is boxed, labeled and shipped.
  • Your liner arrives at the Distributor location where your dealer will pick it up.

Step 8

Your new liner is installed!