Design Options

Create your ideal backyard with custom pool and outdoor products designed to beautify and enhance your space. Our premium quality, American made liners, safety covers, and shade sails are custom built to fit your home. With a range of styles and colors to choose from, you can have a backyard that suits your personal style.

Liner Over Stairs

When the pattern of the pool liner continues over the stairs and other features it gives your pool a cohesive and luxurious appearance. When building or updating your pool adding vinyl covered features can create beautiful focal points. You can choose to use the same pattern on all of your vinyl covered features or you can choose a complimentary pattern like our CobbleStone designs to give your pool a unique design that suits your style.


We offer a textured surface vinyl called SureStep. This thicker vinyl is embossed with a texture that is comfortable to the touch and gives you a sure footing. This is an excellent option for stairs and benches.

No Tile

Create a sophisticated look for your pool with the clean beauty of a borderless pattern. We carry several patterns that are designed to create a strong visual statement both above and below the waterline without the need for a border around the top. These innovative, contemporary designs create a sleek modern composition for your backyard. You also have the option of removing the tile border from any of the patterns in our collection. For an up-charge you can choose the No-Tile option for any pattern you prefer.


A sun deck or tanning ledge is a feature that can more functionality to your pool. It gives you a way to cool off and refresh in the pool without having to go all the way in. It provides a grand entrance to the pool and is a great place for children to hang out.

Featuring high quality pool & outdoor products manufactured in North Alabama.

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