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Why Are We Considered the Top Pool Liner Manufacturers?

Experience and attention to detail are what make a Tara pool liner special. Our amazing customer service is what makes us one of the top pool liner manufacturers around. For 39 years we have been committed to building the finest vinyl pool liners.

Here at Tara Manufacturing, we began manufacturing vinyl pool liners in 1984 to fill the need for pool liners that fit. Precision and attention to detail are the hallmarks of a Tara pool liner. We invest in the finest quality virgin vinyl because it is proven to fit better and last longer. It also means the pattern and colors that capture your eye will stay bright and vivid for years to come.

Recycled vinyl tends to stretch out of shape easier and is usually thinner, which makes it much more vulnerable to cuts or punctures. On the other hand, virgin vinyl is molded of thicker sheeting, which allows it to have greater resistance to stretching, tearing, and puncturing. While many materials can survive underwater for a long time, few will be able to last as long as vinyl. Coming waterproof and well-sealed, a virgin vinyl pool liner will provide a barrier between the water and the ground beneath a pool. Alongside this, vinyl is also UV-resistant, making it last much longer than other materials under the heat of the sun. Our strict quality measures and experience make a Tara pool liner unique, as unique as your pool. That's why Tara is one of the top swimming pool liners distributors in the country.

Our Beautiful Pool Liners

Our collection of patterns features only the most desirable choices of colors and styles. Through trial and experience, we've learned which patterns look best in a pool. We only select designs that meet our highest standards. This ensures the pattern you select will look just as beautiful in your pool as it does in a brochure or showroom.

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Resilient Materials & Quality-Focused Manufacturing

A pool liner is only as good as the material and construction. We start with the highest-grade virgin vinyl and test each roll to be sure it meets our rigorous standards. Our teams of experienced technicians and craftsmen build each liner to fit your exact specifications. Experience is the key to building a great liner. The radio frequency welding process demands skill and attention to detail that only comes with time. Many of our employees have been building liners for 20 years or more. That dedication and commitment are built into every liner. It is what makes a Tara pool liner so special.

20-Year Prorated Warranty

Our liners are backed by a 20-year prorated warranty with two years of full replacement coverage on manufacturer's defects. When you call with a question or concern about your liner, there is a caring person ready and willing to respond to your needs. We want nothing less than your complete satisfaction with your Tara pool liner. If you are looking for quality pool liner manufacturers, then look no further than Tara Pool & Outdoor Products.