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Fiberglass vs Vinyl Pool: Uncovering the Pros and Cons

Fiberglass vs Vinyl Pool: Uncovering the Pros and Cons

Choosing between fiberglass and vinyl pools is a significant decision for homeowners, with both options offering distinct advantages. This article delves into the pros and cons of each, aiming to guide homeowners in selecting the pool that best fits their preferences and lifestyle.

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Vinyl Liner Pools: Understanding the Beauty, Flexibility, and Durability of Modern Vinyl

Vinyl Liner Pools: Understanding the Beauty, Flexibility, and Durability of Modern Vinyl

Vinyl liner pools have become increasingly popular for their aesthetic versatility, customization potential, and durable qualities. They offer a unique blend of beauty, flexibility, and resilience, making them a preferred choice for homeowners.

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The Magic Eraser Myth: Why It's a No-Go for Your Tara Pool Liner

Screen Shot 2023 11 02 at 1.56.52 PM

Maintaining the beauty of your Tara pool liner is undoubtedly a priority. After all, it's the canvas that sets the stage for your backyard oasis. But when it comes to cleaning, there's a myth that needs busting: the Magic Eraser.

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Choosing Safe Swimwear Colors for Kids


A Crucial Safety Consideration for Parents

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Envision Pool Visualizer: From Inspiration to Reality

Screen Shot 2022 04 25 at 95450 AM

Are you ready to transform your pool from ordinary to extraordinary? Choosing the perfect pool liner pattern has never been easier, thanks to Tara's innovative Envision Pool Visualizer. Let's dive into how this powerful tool takes the guesswork out of pool design, helping you turn your vision into reality.

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Dive into the Future of Pool Design with Tara's Envision AR App

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Are you dreaming of the perfect pool oasis in your backyard? Tara Pools & Outdoor Products is here to make your dreams a reality with the cutting-edge Tara Envision AR app. Augmented Reality (AR) has taken pool and outdoor design to a whole new level, and it's all accessible through your smartphone or tablet. With Envision AR, your ideal pool liner or sunshade is just a few taps away, and it's as easy as pointing your camera!

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Enhancing Your Home Oasis: Why Homeowners Need a Shade Escapes Sun Shade in Their Backyard


The backyard is more than just an outdoor space – it's a canvas for relaxation, entertainment, and connection with nature. As homeowners, we cherish the moments spent in our outdoor haven. However, the sun's harsh rays and the unpredictable weather can sometimes limit our enjoyment. This is where Shade Escapes steps in, offering a transformative solution that elevates your backyard experience. In this blog post, we'll explore the reasons why every homeowner should consider adding a Shade Escapes sun shade to their backyard oasis.

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The Ultimate Guide for Throwing the Best Pool Party!


🎉🏊‍♀️ Dive into the Ultimate Guide for Throwing the Best Pool Party! 🌴☀️

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Tara’s Cobalt Pattern Wins the Golden Cylinder Award!

Our exclusive Cobalt Liner Pattern was awarded the 2022 Golden Cylinder Award from the Gravure AIMCAL Alliance (GAA)! The Golden Cylinder award is an annual recognition for the most creative gravure operators' and highest quality gravure print projects throughout America. The design of Cobalt was the result of collaboration between Tara and the designer at Continental Pool Liners.

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Is Green the New Blue? 

Aquamarine H2O pools supplies Cleaning


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SureStep Pattern Collection

sure step sapphire

SureStep vinyl is a thick, sturdy vinyl that features a unique textured surface. Specifically designed for high traffic areas like stairs and sundecks, SureStep is both tough and durable. The embossed texture enhances traction when entering and exiting the pool. We offer SureStep in matching colors and styles for all of our patterns. 

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Would you like to be featured on our social media post? This is a easy way to give other homeowners inspiration when finding a new Tara liner! This is a great way for dealers to get noticed by homeowners! All you have to do is use #tagtara when posting a photo of your Tara pool/installation! You can also share your photos by tagging us (@Tarapoollife) on all social media platforms.  Check out some before and afters below!

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eco-friendly-pool Versatility of vinyl liner pool construction

Which type of pool is best for the environment?

Vinyl liner (package pools) are not just versatile and affordable, they are also a better choice for the environment. They are made from recyclable materials including steel, plastic, wood and vinyl. Because they are shipped as a kit and assembled on-site, they require less energy to transport and construct. The smooth non-porous vinyl surface prevents algae growth so a vinyl pool uses fewer chemicals. The vinyl liner also insulates the pool, reducing energy consumption.

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