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Choosing A Safety Cover


A safety cover is an important addition to your pool but choosing the right one for you, may be confusing. There are 3 types of pool safety cover. Each of them will keep your pool safe and protected. They also offer reduced water evaporation, which reduces water and chemical use, saving you money. Plus, no matter which type of safety cover your choose you'll have a better looking pool all year round. There are important differences between each type of cover that can effect which one you prefer. In this post we break down the advantages of each type of cover, to help make your decision easier.

Standard Mesh Safety Covers

Standard Mesh Fan

Standard mesh covers are an effective pool cover that offers all the protection you need, at an affordable price. We have 3 color options, to coordinate with your backyard; green, blue and tan. They are lightweight and easy to install and remove. Water drains quickly from the surface, which prevents pooling. That makes regular mesh safety covers a great choice for families with children and small pets because if they walk out on the cover, they won't drown. It also makes maintenance easier since there is no need for a pump to remove surface water. The mesh weave keeps out all leaves and debris but allows some dust and smaller particles to pass through. It blocks a good amount of sunlight, 96%. The mesh fabric is made from polypropylene which is impervious to chlorine, mildew resistant, and has an extremely high tensile strength.

HD Mesh Safety Covers

HD Mesh Fan

By choosing an HD Mesh cover you get everything you would in a standard mesh cover but it does a much better job of keeping the pool clean. It is just as easy to install and maintain and is also available in green, blue or tan colors. The densely woven mesh fabric filters out nearly all dust and small particles. It even prevents sunlight from getting through. HD mesh blocks 99% of sunlight to keep algae from growing. It is also lightweight for easy installation and removal. An HD Mesh safety cover satisfies the needs of almost every pool owner.

Solid Safety Covers

solid fan

The solid cover is incredibly strong and secure. It is the choice for those who want their pool to stay perfectly clean all winter. It prevents all water, dust and sunlight from entering the pool. An automatic pump or drain panel keeps water from puddling on the surface. Solid covers are heavier and thicker than mesh. That makes them a bit more cumbersome and bulky. Our solid pool covers come in green, blue, gray and tan colors.


Think about what type of pool owner you are and then ask yourself the following questions. Do I prefer ease of maintenance, affordability and color selection? If so, a Standard Mesh cover is a perfect choice. Would I rather pay a bit more up front for reduced clean-up costs each spring but I still want a cover that's easy to handle and maintain? Then, you should choose a HD Mesh safety cover. Is a clean pool in the spring the most important concern for me? If you answer yes, and are comfortable with a heavier cover that requires some minor attention during the winter, a solid cover may work best.

No matter which cover you choose you are sure to be well protected. Strength is built into every Tara pool safety cover. Each one is built with commercial grade hardware and construction techniques. Features like our double layer webbing across the entire cover, reinforced perimeter webbing, triple stitching and box and x stitched intersections are usually only found on extreme safety covers. What that means for you, is that your Tara Safety Cover will stand up to the toughest conditions and provide years of solid protection. Best of all, every Tara Manufacturing product comes with the service and support you’ve counted on for over 30 years.

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