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Turning Scrap into Product

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As with any manufacturing company, natural waste is a known byproduct of production. For Tara Manufacturing, which specializes in making vinyl pool liners and other outdoor products, vinyl scrap is abundant and until now, has been a complex problem to solve.

A team of employee-led innovators was tasked to find creative ways to utilize this waste. From the diversification of product lines to new designs for already existing products, they collaborated and developed a winning idea: Vinyl Floats!

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The Tara team developed, designed, and produced floats made from scrap vinyl and tested them in pools and on the river. After gathering ideas from testing, the team then added easy inflation valves and built-in hooks so the large floats could be tied and towed by a boat. The innovation that this team demonstrated to create a new product line is extraordinary. We look forward to seeing what new, diverse products come from this team in the future.

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