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Safety Covers a Great Source of Recurring Revenue for Dealers 

Safety Covers a Great Source of Recurring Revenue for Dealers 
by Tara Manufacturing, Inc. 

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Safety Covers sales can help your customers bridge the gap between the end of pool season and the spring opening. Each safety cover they sell will help them build a steady source of recurring service work and replacement sales. Compared to other types of pool covers and safety products, pool safety covers provide the most consistent on-going revenue for your customers. 

Growing Market for Safety Covers 

Safety covers are an excellent revenue stream for your customers. First, the market for safety covers is huge. They can be designed to fit any type of pool whether it’s fiberglass, concrete or vinyl. Unlike automatic covers they can easily be added to existing pools. Nearly every pool your customers build, repair or service can use a safety cover. Second, homeowners are becoming more aware of the benefits of safety covers. It’s not hard to convince homeowners that adding a safety cover can improve the safety and security of their backyard. When they realize the other benefits such as the beauty of a safety cover, the water and chemical savings, the easy pool openings, the durability of the product and protection for their pool, selling a homeowner on the value of a safety cover is a slam dunk. 

Service After the Sale 

That brings us to the next big reason your customers can benefit from safety cover sales, the ongoing revenue they can yield. Each year, a safety cover needs to be installed, removed and stored. These are three services dealers can use to bridge the gap after pool season. As the season winds down, its time to start closing pools. Winterizing the pool and installing the safety cover is a big job that most homeowners need help with. To ensure that the pool is properly secured, the water is balanced and the safety cover is installed correctly it really takes a professional. The same is true in the spring. In addition to removing the cover dealers can offer their customers the option to store the cover over the summer. Cover storage is a useful service for dealers to offer because once they have the cover, the customer can’t go elsewhere to get it installed again in the fall. 

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Repair and Replacement 

Much like vinyl liners, safety covers need to be replaced after 7 - 10 years. It’s like planting a tree, after a decade of installing safety covers, a dealer can reap the harvest of replacement business. Plus, Tara makes replacing safety covers very simple. We can take the old cover and use it as a template for the new one. We handle the measuring so the dealer doesn’t have to. We provide an easy-to-use shipping bag for the old cover. Just put the old cover in the bag, springs and all. There is no charge to leave them on. We also cover the freight for sending the template to Tara. We will measure the old cover to match the existing anchor locations for an accurate fit. Soon we’ll even be offering a measuring device that will make measuring the anchor locations easier than sending a template in. The Tara Anchor Locator, will provide dealers with accurate measurements that they can send directly to Tara. 

Free Advertisement 

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Be sure to remind your customers to request a custom label for their cover. By taking that simple step they can have an effective advertisement for their company on all of their Tara Safety Covers. This high quality printed label is stitched to the cover in the shallow end where it will be most visible. It features the dealer’s logo, name and contact information in full color. When its time to open the pool in the spring, the pool owner will have the dealer’s name readily available. To order custom labels the dealer just needs to mark it on their order and send their logo to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For details they can visit, 

For more information about our safety covers, custom labels and replacement safety cover program visit,

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