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Does My Swimming Pool Need a New Liner?


A pool is a great addition to your property but without the proper types of maintenance, your pool could quickly become a liability. One of the most important types of maintenance tasks you’ll do on your pool will definitely be liner replacement. Let’s look at a few signs that it might be time to replace your liner.

Cracks and Rips

One of the first signs you’ll notice that your pool needs a new liner will be obvious cracks or rips. Constant use by children and pets can cause this. Another culprit can be the chemicals in your pool. Although these chemicals are necessary, they also break down the liner over time. You can talk with swimming pool liners distributors to learn more.

Fading and Stains

Another reason why you might want to replace your pool will be the appearance of fading or staining. This is also due to UV rays and pool chemicals. You might notice these signs before you notice cracks or rips. Fading is a good sign that your liner is becoming weak, and cracks or rips will follow soon after.

Stretching or Wrinkling

Over time a vinyl pool liner will lose some of its plasticity or elasticity. When this happens, you might start to notice wrinkles or stretching in the liner. A stretched-out liner is very difficult to correct yourself. You'll need to consult with swimming pool liners distributors and pool professionals.


If you start to notice unusual water loss in your pool, you’ll need to check for leaks. Leaks can happen as your liner starts to near the end of its expected lifespan. It’s best to go ahead and schedule a liner replacement before problems with the liner get too bad. Remember, this isn’t a matter of if the liner will need to be replaced but rather a matter of when. If you stay ahead of the game, you can save yourself a lot of stress and expense.

According to Ask the Pool Guy, the best time of year to replace your liner will be springtime. No matter what time of year it is, when it’s time to replace the liner, you’ll need to work with swimming pool liner distributors to get quality products. If you're looking for quality swimming pool liners distributors, please contact Tara Pool & Outdoor Products today. We’ll be happy to help you with replacements!

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