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Digital Tools Encourage Homeowners to Take the Plunge

Digital Tools Encourage Homeowners to Take the Plunge 

The use of technology continues to help streamline the sales process. Visualization technology, like our Envision pool designer, is a perfect example of how innovative tools can enhance or replace traditional sales methods. 

With any big-ticket purchase there are always a few hurdles for salesmen to overcome. Building a new pool or replacing a liner is certainly no exception. One of the biggest challenges, for homeowners in the market for a pool, is understanding how it look in their yard. The Envision pool designer is giving our customers just what they need to overcome this obstacle. 

Homeowners can view each pattern individually rendered in either a rectangle or freeform pool. Using the reflective properties of water and sun it demonstrates, for example, that a pebble pattern gives the water a crisp and light aqua color rather than the tan appearance some people might imagine. 

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The impact this can have on a sale is undeniable. Dealers can use this tool during a consultation at their customer’s home. In a recent example Val at Carolina Pool & Spa used the Envision Pool Designer to sell our new Aquamarine pattern to a customer — without even providing a liner sample. 

“They saw it on the Internet and said, 'We want that one,’” Val recalls. “When I told them I didn’t have a sample, they said that didn’t matter. We were in their backyard, and they accessed the Envision visualizer on their phone. I sold them the liner on the spot. I think we’re going to be one of the first builders to install that pattern.” 

The Envision pool designer is accessible from the website or directly at

In addition to providing our Envision tool we have slowly built a large virtual community on our Facebook and Instagram pages. We frequently share new pool installation and remodeling photos sent in by homeowners and dealers. Homeowners gather on these posts and share photos with one another in the comments. They update each other on the process and encourage one another. “It’s remarkable to see the amount of engagement and support these homeowners are giving one another,” says Thomas Kennedy, Marketing Director for Tara Pool & Outdoor Products. “We assist when they ask us for help but we also step back and allow them to help each other out.” 

To get involved and share your photos just use the hashtag #tagtara or message us @tarapoollife

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