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5 Essential Tips for Swimming Pool Care


There's nothing like owning a pool! After all, it's available to you and your guests at any time of the day. We've put together five essential tips for ensuring your pool is ready to go when you're ready to swim. Let's dive in!

1. Test Water Chemistry

It's important to check on the chemistry of your pool. Have you ever noticed your pool getting cloudy? That's an indication the water chemistry is out of balance. A pool monitor can help you maintain the correct pH balance.

2. Shock Treat the Water

Had a pool party? If so, chances are the pool has been polluted with sunscreen, sweat, and oils. Be sure to shock it a few days before and after your party to raise the chlorine levels. Shock treatment is important even if you don't party in your pool. According to Poolonomics, every four to six weeks, you'll need to shock treat your pool.

3. Clean Your Pool

Be sure to clean your pool filters and liner regularly. Filters remove dirt, food, insects, and bacteria that get into the water. Liners provide a decorative touch and also are functional as a leak-proof barrier. Keep them clean to ensure they remain effective.

4. Prepare Your Pool Before Storms

When you're expecting a thunderstorm or hurricane, realize that the additional rain can affect the chemistry of the water. Also, if any debris gets into your pool, such as tree limbs, you'll want to make sure you've treated your water to prevent an algae outbreak. Be sure to secure any loose items, including furniture, around your pool. After a storm, check your filters, liner, and other parts of your pool to assess any damage.

5. Winterize Your Pool

Be aware that if the climate where you live has temperatures that drop to around 32 degrees, you'll want to winterize your pool to keep it in good condition. When water freezes, it expands and may cause damage. Thankfully, most newer systems have freeze protection functions to cycle the pumps on and off. Be sure you thoroughly clean your pool when closing it for the winter.

Taking good care of your pool prolongs the life of its liners, filters, and other equipment. It also prevents costly repairs in the future. When it does come time to replace parts of your pool, be sure to contact Tara Pool & Outdoor Products!

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