Tara A-B App


1. Establish the A-B line

  1. Minimum length should be 15', and the ideal length would be 2/3rds the length of the pool.
  2. Point A should be placed on the shallow end side and point B on the deep end side.
  3. An imaginary line extending through the A-B points and beyond them should not cross the pool.

2. Place points around pool perimeter

  1. Point 1 should start at one side of the shallow end break.
  2. If the pool doesn’t have a shallow end break locate point 1 and the center of the pool.
  3. Points should be spaced according to pool shape, straight walls need fewer points and small radii should have more points.
  4. All transitions should have points located at them, ex. corners, break lines, covered step treads, ends of fiberglass steps.
  5. Number your points starting at point 1.
  6. Be sure to identify the shallow end breaks and slopes with points.

3. Using the app

  1. The app can be used with either one tape measure or two, select the appropriate option in the app to adjust how the app cycles between measurements.
  2. Make sure the number being filled out in the app match the numbering of the markings around the pool perimeter.
  3. As more points are added the app will generate a diagram of the pool perimeter, regularly confirm the perimeter in the app matches the pool perimeter.
  4. Once the measurements are complete and the plot matches the pool perimeter proceed to the Order Form screen.

4. Final steps

  1. Fill out the Order Form with all available measurements and if available the pattern.
  2. Return to the Measure form and press the export button, this opens an email containing the measurements.
  3. Please include your company name and job name in the subject line of the email.

d. In the body of the email please note the numbers associated with critical points, such as beginning of steps or benches, ends of treads, and break lines.

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