Tara A-B 

Pool Measuring App

Measure any swimming pool quickly and accurately with the Tara A-B Measuring App. Simply enter your measurements for A and B as you go and see your points plot out in the app. Verify that your measurements are correct while you’re at the jobsite and prevent wasted time. Once you are done, you can check your cross dimensions and place your order directly from the app.

Why Use the Tara A-B App?

  • Enter your A-B measurements as you go 
  • Points are displayed as you measure
  • Use with one tape measure or two
  • Verify measurements on the jobsite
  • Send measurements directly from the app
  • Attach photos of order form, pool and pool features
  • Expedite order process

Tara A-B Measuring App

Free to use and available now in the Apple App store. Download your copy and get started today. 

Featuring high quality pool & outdoor products manufactured in North Alabama.

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