Replacement Safety Covers

Mesh and Solid Safety Cover Template Program

Now's the time to send your old safety cover to Tara to be measured, quoted and remade. This year we are still offering our accurate and easy-to-use template measuring program but with a few changes. 

Beginning May 1st, Tara will cover the cost of in-bound freight for your template up to $75. If the cost of freight is more than that, the remainder will be added to your quote. We will still supply you with our large template shipping bag that can easily handle most old covers. We do ask that you remove the hardware before sending the template. Also, due to the popularity of the template program and increased disposal cost we will have a simple service charge of just $35 per template. This charge will go into effect May 1st.

Our team of experts will measure your template, so you don't have to. Your Tara replacement safety cover will fit in the same position as the original. Please keep in mind, sometimes straps have to be moved on the new cover. We may have to move the straps in situations such as; the cover material is different than the original, if there have been changes to the pool or to bring a safety cover into compliance with ASTM standards.

We Provide You With the Following

  • Free In-Bound Shipping up to $75
  • No Deadlines
  • Easy-to-Use Shipping Bag
  • Accurate Template Measurement
  • For Tara Safety Cover or Liner Replacements, Just Send the Safety Cover or Liner Serial #

Terms and Conditions: If hardware is not removed, there is a $75 charge that will be added to your quote. Templates are stored for 30 days after they arrive at our facility, after that they are discarded. If you need your template returned, please contact us before 30 days are up. You will be responsible for the return freight. There is a $150 charge, plus freight, if you want the template returned but you don’t order a new Tara safety cover. Some conditions apply.
We cannot measure "bungee" or "5-Star covers". The template must be a standard safety cover with 3x3 or 5x5 spacing that is installed using pop-up or recessed anchors. 

Step 1

Complete an RMA form, click here or contact our RMA department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . They will issue you an RMA number and send a shipping bag for your old safety cover.

Step 2

When your shipping bag arrives, fold your old cover until it will fit inside. You can leave the springs on. Once you put it in the bag, cinch the bag tight and tie it shut.

Step 3

Write the RMA number on the return address label on the bag and send drop the template off at your local distributor. There is no charge for freight, to send your template to Tara.

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