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Opportunities in Vinyl Pool Renovation


Opportunities Abound in Vinyl Pool Renovation 

One of the greatest advantages of vinyl liner pools is the relative ease of updating them. Whether it’s a simple liner replacement or a complete pool renovation, vinyl liner pools can be transformed in ways that gunite and fiberglass pools can’t. New colors and patterns are added every year helping to drive homeowners desire to update their pool. Innovations in recent years have added to the possibilities for customization, allowing homeowners to make their pool unique. Whether your customer just needs a new liner or wants a total renovation we’ve got a wide selection of new patterns and options for you to get the most out of every liner you sell. 

TarasLiner 2
Pool improvement 

There are a variety of reasons for replacing a liner. Usually, it’s because the liner is old or out-dated. A recent move into a home with a pool, a backyard renovation or a life event can also trigger the purchase of a new liner. Whatever the reason, when you talk to pool owners about their pool, you can listen to how they are using it and make suggestions based on their needs. Maybe their children are out of the house now and the pool is now used for entertaining guests. Adding a bench for seating or a tanning ledge, may help them get more use out of their pool. Replacing a ladder with steps can make getting in and out of the pool much easier, especially for older adults, children and pets. All of these features can be incorporated into the new liner. Covering stairs, benches, tanning ledges and even barstools can improve the look of the new pool giving it a sophisticated and cohesive look. 

OW Barstool
Liner customization 

Adding features can personalize the look and use of the pool but liners can be customized to make the pool truly unique. Removing the tile from a vinyl liner and using only the floor pattern is an increasingly popular custom option. It can create a very contemporary look. The tile border of one pattern can also be replaced with the tile from another to create an all new design. This option gives pool owners hundreds of choices to work with. The latest design trend is using dif-ferent patterns to accent features or areas of the pool. As an example, one customer requested a gray pebble pattern for the stairs and used a deep blue water reflection pattern for the rest of the pool. This design created a dramatic effect that was stunning when completed. 
 Oasis No Border Mirage2

 A superior finish 

Vinyl liner pools are perfect for today’s pool owner. The soft comfortable finish is better for peo-ple who like to spend time in their pool, not just looking at it. Busy pool owners will appreciate the ease of maintaining their vinyl pool. The smooth nonporous surface prevents algae from clinging to the surface and uses less chemicals than concrete pools. Customization features are endless with vinyl pools and updates are relatively affordable so every pool owner can have a pool built just for them. Vinyl liner pools are ideal for your customers and for your business. 

When adding these custom options you need a manufacturer who you can trust to supply you with a product that not only looks great but fits properly and lasts. Tara’s strong SureSeam RF welded seam allows us to build a precision fit liner that is beautiful and durable. Our 20 mil American made vinyl liners are well suited to fit easily within today’s complex pool shapes. The quality of the vinyl and the fit of the liner are the main factors that determine how long a liner will last. We also stand behind our quality with a 20 year warranty that gives you 5 years of full re-placement, for no extra charge. See our 2019 collection of patterns that features 16 exclusive designs you won’t find anywhere else at

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