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Tara A-B App

Available for free on the Apple App store, the Tara A-B App is a simple and effective tool for measuring pools and safety covers. Just like your tape measures, chalk and plumb bob, it will quickly become an essential pool measuring tool.

Tara’s A-B Measuring App is designed for simplicity. It is easy to use and intuitive. Just enter your A and B measurements in the app as you are measuring the pool. Instead of typing each measurement you scroll the numbers up or down, saving time and preventing errors. When you enter both the A and B measurement for any point it will be displayed on the graph at the top of the screen. See the pool take shape as you go. You can easily catch errors when a point appears out of place.

Once you are done, you can verify the shape of the pool. Confirm your measurements on-site by switching to full screen mode and selecting any two points. The app will show you the distance between them so you can verify it with a manual measurement. The Tara A-B Measuring App speeds up the order process too. When you are satisfied with the measurements, you just select send “Submit” in the app, it will allow you to attach a photo of your order form to an email containing your measurements. Please include your company name and job name in the subject line of the email. In the body of the email, please note the point numbers associated with critical points, such as the beginning of obstructions.

Try it today. Either search for “Tara AB” in the Apple App store or go directly to it 

• Enter your A-B measurements as you go 

• Points are displayed as you measure 

• Use with one tape measure or two 

• Verify measurements on the jobsite 

• Send measurements directly from the app to Tara for production 

• Allows you to attach photos of order form, pool and pool features 

• Expedite order process 

• The Tara AB App is available to download, for free from the Apple App store.


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