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Bee Conservancy Donation

Time spent outdoors is so bee-u-tiful thanks to our pollinating friends, the Bees! Tara wants to help keep our flowers blooming, ecosystems diverse and food plentiful. We are donating a portion of sales from our hexagon/honeycomb patterns, Enchanted and Oasis, to support the Bee Conservancy. You can help us support this worthy cause when you purchase one of these beautiful liner patterns for your pool.
Your purchase will help the Bee Conservancy protect bees, safeguard the environment, and secure food justice through education, research, habitat creation, and advocacy. Learn more at

Bee Friendly Backyard Guide

We worked with the Bee Conservancy to develop a fun and informative guide that will help you and your family nurture and coexist with bees. It includes information on common backyard bees, bee-friendly gardening tips, strategies to keep bees away from pools while pollinating plants, insects often mistaken for bees and how to manage them.

Donation Update

We are donating $10 from each sale of our Enchanted and Oasis liners to the Bee Conservancy. Since the beginning of April, we have raised over $7,370 towards our goal of $10,000!