Tara uses only American made virgin vinyl. Not all vinyl is created equally. The best vinyl in the world is produced in the United States and Canada. North American companies conform to the standards of the CFFA (Chemical Fabrics and Film Association) to produce the highest quality pool vinyl.

The pool environment is one of the most aggressive and harsh environments that vinyl is used for. The sanitizers, chemicals, algae, sunlight, water etc. all work to break down the vinyl and cause it to fail. Fortunately, vinyl liners are designed to resist all of these factors. There are plasticizers that keep the vinyl soft, pliable and elastic. Algaecides that resist organic threats and a coating is applied that prevents scratches, blocks chemicals, and UV rays from reaching the vinyl itself.

Material Comparison 1So, you can see why all of the raw goods, that go into making the vinyl, need to be of the highest quality. Liners that are made of cheaper ingredients and filler materials will not hold up over time in your pool. All of the plasticizers, resins, inks and film, used to produce American made vinyl liner material, are highly regulated and must meet strict performance standards. Like a chain, any weak link in the recipe will cause the whole thing to fail. Foreign vinyl is not regulated or controlled like American made vinyl. Vinyl manufacturers in the United States are all ISO certified, but off-shore manufactures do not have the same oversight.

At Tara we only use 100% American virgin vinyl because our in-house testing showed that it was far superior to all other vinyl. The off-shore material that we tested was heavier and more rigid. It feels and smells different from domestic vinyl. That made us question the chemicals that go into it. It did not weld together as well and we found that the seams could separate. In industry testing, with side by side comparison, the off-shore material came up short. It showed significant scratches after a wear test. It became discolored quickly in a chemical test and showed serious fading in UV tests. A filler ingredient, calcium carbonate, used in off-shore pool vinyl can even lead to wrinkles in the vinyl. The North American material, on the other hand, was virtually unaffected after the same battery of testing.

Our guarantee of North American quality means that your Tara pool liner meets the highest performance standards for strength and durability. You can be assured that your Tara pool liner will last longer and look beautiful. So you can spend more time enjoying your pool and less time worrying about it.