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Safety Cover Anchor Puller

Extract safety cover anchors DIY Anchor Puller

When you’re installing safety covers one of the problems you might encounter is the need to remove an anchor. If you run into this situation, there is a simple and inexpensive way to extract an anchor from the pool deck. The tools you need are all pretty common and can be found at Lowes or Home Depot. Please let us know if you find this method helpful.


  • 1 - 4 in. piece of 2 in. diameter pipe
  • 1 - 3/8 in. threaded rod with  a 3/8 in. nut
  • 1 - 3/8 in. tap
  • 1 - 11/32 drill bit
  • 1 - piece of 2"X2" flat metal with a 13/32 hole drilled in the center.
  • 1 - crescent wrench

b2ap3 amp Step1 Anchor PullerFirst take your drill with the 11/32 bit and drill into the anchor.



b2ap3 amp Step2 Anchor PullerUse the 3/8 in. tap to create the threads in the anchor.



b2ap3 amp Step3 Anchor PullerScrew the 3/8 in. threaded rod into the anchor.



b2ap3 amp Step4 Anchor PullerPlace the pipe over the anchor and rod.



b2ap3 amp Step5 Anchor PullerPlace the 2 in. x 2 in. piece of flat metal over the pipe so that the rod runs through the hole. Screw the nut on to the threaded rod until it touches the pipe. Use your wrench to tighten the nut. As you tighten the nut, the anchor will start to loosen and eventually pop loose.

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